How the Nature of Invention Has Changed Over the Past 150 Years

Not all inventions are born equal. Some spring from nowhere to create an entirely new class of technology; others assemble existing ideas to create useful new products. Now, researchers have shown that the past century’s seen a steady increase in invention by the combination of concepts—but less in the way of pure… » 4/24/15 5:40am Friday 5:40am

Watch Tim Cook Dancing to Happy for Earth Day

On Earth Day—which was yesterday, in case you missed it—there’s a lot be happy about. Enough to encourage Tim Cook on to the dance floor, in fact. Joined by Eddie Cue and Phil Schiller, the Apple CEO danced to Happy—played live by Pharrell, naturally. This is Apple HQ after all. The result is really quite sweet. [… » 4/23/15 3:30am Thursday 3:30am

Solar Impulse Safely Lands in East China—But the Hardest Leg's to Come

Yesterday, the solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse successfully touched down in Nanjing, China, completing the Asian leg of its global trip. Next, though, comes one of the toughest parts of the journey: crossing the Pacific Ocean. » 4/22/15 5:00am Wednesday 5:00am